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RGIS Franchise Opportunites

Ivalis is the franchise brand of RGIS. RGIS is an acronym for Retail Grocery Inventory Services. Early success allowed us to scale our business model and rapidly expand into other sectors. Decades later we have far outgrown our name. RGIS now performs more than 174,000 inventories per year for companies of all types and sizes internationally. 

RGIS are currently offering franchising opportunities for several countries and regions. If you would like to be part of an International Brand offering retail services contact RGIS today for more details at

By choosing to become a franchise partner with RGIS, you will get:

•  A recognised brand name
•  Training and ongoing support
•  Access to a protected territory
•  Requires limited investment

To learn more, please visit: 



Dan Sheffield Sheffield
RGIS Embarking on a New Era of Growth and Innovation Embarking on a New Era of Growth and Innovation
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Retail Services Franchise Opportunites