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I am pleased to announce that RGIS has acquired the UK and Mexican operations of WIS International.  This acquisition joins two customer-centric companies with a shared history of innovation and agility, and will allow RGIS to maintain its relentless passion for delivering quality service to our customers. Both companies strive for greatness through three fundamental principles: people, process and technology.

The acquisition of these two companies, along with the recent acquisition of Ivalis, delivers on our growth strategy and further strengthens our market leading position in the international markets of Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

We have witnessed numerous changes in the retail industry over the last few years and believe that this acquisition will strengthen our ability to serve our clients moving forward. The enhanced infrastructure and combined coverage of both companies will bring RGIS teams closer to customer sites in these markets.

Combining RGIS' proprietary technology and innovation with the newly acquired talent in these two companies will enable us to stay abreast of the latest innovations and provide our clients with market leading solutions. We will continue to seek further growth through acquisition opportunities as well as investing heavily in research and innovation to ensure we remain best-in-class.

My thanks to Jim Rose, President and CEO of WIS for supporting a seamless transaction and a professional handover. I am delighted to welcome the two WIS Country Managers, Geoff Chaplin (UK) and Rafael Ybarra (Mexico), and their respective teams into the RGIS family and look forward to a smooth integration. 

About RGIS:

RGIS takes clients beyond the count with integrated inventory services that include store surveys, space management, store remodels and resets, supply chain solutions and asset optimisation. With proven successes in all aspects of retail, healthcare and manufacturing inventory, it is no surprise that more organisations, in more places, trust RGIS to provide the information and insight they need to fully understand their assets and make better business decisions.

About WIS:

WIS International has been delivering inventory counts for many of the biggest names in retailing and manufacturing for over sixty years. WIS has become one of the industry's largest and most trusted suppliers of Inventory Counting Services worldwide. WIS has operated in the UK since 2000.

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Asaf Cohen



Dan Sheffield Sheffield
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